About the Blogger

I was born in Santa Clara, Calif. and raised in Gilroy, Calif. until I was around the age of 11. My parents went through a dramatic separation and I was left under the care of a single mother still trying to get herself through college. While struggling to support me, my 2 year old sister and older brother, she moved us to Tulare, Calif., where I now reside until I finish my education. I have had a knack for writing since the moment I could pick up a pencil. The moment I learned word processing in the 1st Grade, I began typing up short stories with the accomanied pixelated graphics. I, like most, wish I can be a better writer, but enough wishing. This blog is here for my therapy, release, imagination, advice, and whatever I decide fits. It is also for my personal growth as a writer. I hope whoever reads this, finds some enjoyment in any of my posts. Thanks for stopping by.



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