Caregiving, RN Applications, School, Doctors.

First of all, I am terrible at keeping up with my blog. So here is a series of events that have been going on with me (as the title indicates lots of random stuff).

So I have been attempting to get into a Registered Nursing program for 1 full year now. My prerequisites have been completed, I have graduated with an Associates (and working on Bachelors). The application process weaves through a series of criteria that can add up to a potential of 100 points. According to counselors, not many people score near 100. For example, they have accepted students with as low as 58 points, granted each semester is different and you are up against a whole new batch of hungry students. I have a total of 71 points, and I am hoping that it is enough.

Over the past summer (2016), I was busy taking a 6 week CNA course to better my chances for the nursing program. I completed with my certificate, and I landed a job within a couple of months of completing the course as a caregiver. I enjoy what I do, I love helping people! I was pretty busy last Fall semester working full time and getting ready to transfer to CSU Fresno, all the while prepping for a Nursing Program entrance exam.

Fall semester came to an end and I had to quickly study for the TEAS exam before submitting my RN application by (today actually). I was not mentally ready. I was burned out from taking 12 units and working full time. I had to travel to CSU Northridge near LA to take the exam and passed with a 79.3% which is Advanced and a competitive score for my program.

Fast forward to today, the deadline of the RN application for my school and I submitted it nervously. The assistant dean asked how many points I had and when I told her 71, she looked shocked. I don’t know but I am hoping that was a good thing. Now the waiting game! I’ll find out in April if I made the cut.

In the mean time, I am working with my doctor to get my health in order. He suggested weight loss surgery and I am ready to get this done before I start the Nursing Program. I’m ready for a totally new, healthier me.



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