CNA Clinicals (day 2)

Yesterday counted for my second day of clinical in the CNA program. I’ve had much education even beyond this CNA class, but I don’t think anything can really prepare you for the real life experience.

Luckily for me, I’ve helped take care of my sick mother and I have had to do many things I didn’t imagine doing such as toileting, cleaning after toileting, or cleaning after incontinence just to name a couple. I am grateful for those experiences and for that, I didn’t have to go into my clinical blindly.

Although it’s only been 2 days, I am in love! I know, I am going to have some difficult days and I’ll be alone when I am actually working as a CNA but I quickly fell in love with the Resident-CNA contact, I am a people person and I love that I get to interact with the residents!

CNA’s do the tedious, and sometimes (or most of the time) the dirty work. We are in contact with the Residents or Patients more than anyone else sometimes. My first days of clinical were an amazing experience. I got to hold the hand of the elderly who were confused, I got to hold the hand and console a new admitted resident, who you can imagine is going through quite a huge change.

Our jobs are to make these residents and patients as comfortable as we can while maintaining their dignity. This is a big responsibility, but I am up for the challenge. I see my mother or my grandmother every time I look at these residents and my heart fills with love and compassion for these wonderful people. We have to remember that they are going through huge changes and they are no longer able to do the independent things that they were once used to.

My first two days consisted of toileting, clean up after toileting, re-positioning residents who are not able to move on their own, dressing residents with an affected side, feed lunch to a wonderful lady whom I was able to make laugh, and so much more.

It is hard work, and it takes a special person. I am a Nursing Major and continuing my education, I am hoping to enter an RN program by next Spring and I have told myself, if I did not like my CNA experience, I’d have to really re-evaluate my educational decisions. I am pleased to say that I am in love with my CNA experience so far. There will be hard days, and there will be easy days but we must maintain a positive connection with our teams and continue to work hard for these residents or patients, they need us and sometimes we are all they have.


Obesity and it’s realities.


Today all reality set in with a visit to the doctor, a visit I couldn’t avoid. I had to do a physical for a class I am taking. I will be working with patients in different hospital settings and I needed this done. Little did I know it would turn into a three day long checkup. I have to go back for the next two days to follow up on some tests, but today, all in all, was a very sad day for me.

A message I sent to my boyfriend this afternoon after my physical examination:

I just came back from my physical, and it’s going to be like a three day event because they are running all these other tests on me. I got meds for my allergies and sinus infection. I just wish I had someone with me in the room, I was hit with some bad news but it was what I suspected all along and did not want to face. My cholesterol is way too high, like 250+ when it should be in the 100s. It’s over double of what it should be. My sugar is through the roof when I was tested and I didn’t even eat today yet. I was diagnosed as diabetic, and my physician said I pretty much have to do this surgery if I want to lose it all. I can’t do it on my own. I sat there and cried for a minute because reality finally set in, and I finally faced my worst fear. I go back tomorrow, and Friday for more tests. He wants me to talk to him about the surgery when I am ready. I am going to tell him to get everything started asap that I have been ready for a long time. I will have to lose some weight on my own and although I knew I shouldn’t be eating this crap, I now have a number in my head that defines my cholesterol and my obesity, so I am afraid to eat anything fattening. My life right now is going through a new chapter I guess. Reality is, I need to get serious about my weight or I am going to die. I don’t want to be sick and dying when I am barely getting ready for my career. I just let out a cry in the office and on the way home but it was the push I needed to get serious about this, about my life and my health. I am tired of being fat and now I have health issues because of it. My vaccines are not covered with my insurance so it’s another 300 dollars that I’ll have to pay and I just don’t have that kind of money so I am going to call around if there is anything I can do, but the price he gave me is what they pay, so I am getting the vaccines at cost. Which means I will have a hard time finding them cheaper elsewhere. I am going to see if I can just get a refund and drop out of the program. I have had enough bad news for one day. I probably won’t go to the orientation tomorrow. I am not going to get depressed over this, I feel like my health needs to come first right now.