Dreaming: Last night’s vision

I dreamed of an ex boyfriend last night.

No, he hasn’t been on my mind but it was normal for me to dream of him when we were together. I would dream mostly of him cheating on me or just losing complete interest.

In the dream, we were talking like long time friends and as if we never lost contact. We still had feelings for eachother and he was setting off to go to the military. I was on his Facebook page and found a picture of a dinner plate, and in decorative writing, it said, “Love you,” followed by a weird addition problem that looked similar to this: 10+15+30.

There was someone tagged in the photo so I clicked the name and it lead me to a woman’s page. She was slender, not at all curvy, light skinned with dark hair. I scrolled to find a post of hers that read, “Baby knows how to put it down,” followed by a pornographic picture. I right away knew she was referring to my ex. The original picture I saw was a dinner plate from their celebration dinner, it was an anniversary or birthday.

My heart started racing as I got jealous and anxious to find out more. I confronted my ex-boyfriend and asked why he’d lied about his relationship. He simply tells me, “Look Antanette, MLK and Obama didn’t become great men by telling the truth.”  He went on telling me all the things she was and sent me a long list of things he loved about her (the things I wasn’t). I mean this list was long, and it was so detailed.

I woke up feeling such anxiety and my heart was racing. I felt every emotion from my dream as I was waking. I do not have any feelings nor was I thinking about him for this to even occur. I woke up confused for a minute. I have never been able to read in my dreams nor do I remember doing anything of the sort so when I read his long list of traits she had, I can remember every single one.

She cooks, eats organic foods, she doesn’t eat processed foods, they always cook together, she is on base for another 3 years, she loves the same movies as him, she dresses sexy… I mean the list just went on and on.

Weird. dream-quotes


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