Thursday evening…a small intro.

My mom is sitting at the dining room table fighting with an automated system. She’s trying to order some christmas gifts via the lakeside collection catalog. My sister is sitting in the opposite side of the room trying to get her wireless internet to work… Its been us girls for a while now and its comfortable around here. After my mom got sick and almost died last november…she’s been taking it a lot lighter. She has more time now with my nephew…and well…my sister and I don’t have to deal with the stress she use to bring home from work. The seasons are changing and we are all getting older but one thing has always stayed the same. The love my family shares is unbreakable.  My brother moved out almost 6 years ago when he married…and well its really nice having everyone close together.

I hear my mom’s automated enemy repeating her shipping information so I’m assuming she’s almost done. Lol. Im in the middle of doing laundry and trying to pack a bit for my trip tomorrow.

I thought I’d take a nice break to begin my wordpress blog. I doubt anyone will read this but my boyfriend says I need an outlet. . . So here I am. Until next time! Goodnight everyone!